Episode 3: Demand Gen & Dark Social with Chris Walker

In this very special episode, I spoke with Chris Walker. Chris is the CEO of Refine Labs and the host of the popular State of Demand Gen podcast.

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Chris Walker is a world leader in Demand gen and dark social. An outspoken voice when it comes to marketing attribution and what's broken in today's B2B marketing.

His content is rich in B2B marketing strategy, execution, operational insights.

In this episode I try uncover his story and deconstruct how he produces so much great content. We also discuss CMO time frames for success, attribution, Linkedin and much more.

I really admire Chris and believe every CMO, marketer & CEO needs to listen to him.




How does Chris get the time to reply to everyone on LinkedIn and build such a strong community? [6:57]

How do you stay on top of the game on LinkedIn? [17:09]

What realistic Time-Frames should CMOs have for results? [32:58]

How to get good attribution data from social media platforms? [46:24]

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