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Welcome to the innovative minds podcast. On this podcast you’ll find cutting edge strategy, innovative marketing tools and growth hacks from top marketers. The content includes fireside chats with innovative CMOs, B2B SaaS founders and industry experts. 

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This week I discuss all things email with serial entrepreneur Andy Mowat, CEO of Gated.

Gated reduces noise in your email inbox by forcing unknown senders to donate to charity.

I sat down with my sales and marketing leaders, Paul Niblett & Tharun Sonti to discuss should CEO's be LinkedIn influencers?

Episode 10 features David Chevalier the CEO of Leadjet. A secret weapon for sales teams who use Linkedin.

Kim Hansen, CEO & Co-founder of Cake shares valuable advice on all things startup equity. From common mistakes founders make to best practices and more.

I sat down with Garrett Mehrguth, CEO of Directive Consulting to understand his journey and learnings from starting on Fiverr to now running a $30million ARR world class B2B Marketing agency.

In this fascinating podcast, I talk with David Cyrus, head of marketing at Faethm by Pearson. A SaaS platform that makes AI-powered job predictions of the future.

I sat down with serial entrepreneur Philip Weinman to learn from his 30+ years of experience leading businesses from infancy to public listings and acquisitions.

I sat down with Youtube Expert Kan Huang to learn about how to get the most of Youtube and how it compares to Linkedin

I sit down with CEO and friend Chris Jankulovski to discuss his life, mindset, attitude and what he learnt on his death defying journey.
We chat with Chris about his story, his routine for consistent content production, Demand Gen, marketing attribution, CMO success metrics and more
A discussion on the Linkedin algorithm, changes, challenges, opportunities. Published 21 April 2022.
Featuring an extensive list of podcast equipment recommendations if you're looking to get started with your own podcast. Published 14 April 2022.