Episode 9: Making Equity a Piece of Cake with Kim Hansen

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So many founders screw up their CAP table. Often diluting themselves too early.

Giving away equity should be a piece of cake. But it’s not.

That’s why Kim Hansen, CEO & Co-founder created Cake. A SAAS company which helps founders set up options, set up cap tables & transparently show the equity mix. I guess they are like computershare but for startups.

My goal is to help disruptive brands scale, and a key part of that is funding.

Hence why I sat down with Kim to understand:

What are key mistakes founders make with raising? [10:15]

When should you give away equity to employees? [18:12]

How much should a founder dilute at each round? [21:26]

What are the best practices for vesting periods? [25:24]

What is going on with valuations at the moment? [28:27]

Why he chooses Facebook over LinkedIn for his marketing? [42:29]


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