Episode 8: Fiverr to $30million ARR with Directive's Garrett Mehrguth

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I sat down with Garrett Mehrguth, CEO of Directive Consulting to understand how he went from doing Fiverr gigs to $30million ARR within 7 years.

Based out of the USA, Garrett has decided to expand into Australia, Canada & UK, which also caught my attention. I wanted to understand why he needed to expand when the USA is such a large market.

Whilst I was expecting to tell a CEO story, I ended up learning his marketing tactics that every CMO or CEO needs to know.


Here's some of what we get into:

  • Does a company need to hire a different talent force as they scale into a $30million ARR? You will be surprised to learn he answered, No.

  • What tactic was used to acquire talent which enabled him to grow to $30million ARR? [Garrett explained he hired talent, not experience]

  • How to calculate customer acquisition costs & set appropriate marketing budgets?

  • Why Google ads & SEO not sufficient to scale & social media is needed?

  • What Garrett learnt from experimenting with $1million in LinkedIn ads last year

  • How Garrett uses LinkedIn conversational ads to win

  • What advertising strategy took him to $30million ARR

  • His mantra: everything should be shockingly memorable [which I absolutely agree with when it comes to ads]

I know anyone listening to this will explode with ideas & walk away with strategies that will take their ad game to the next level.


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