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Each week, I speak to Linkedin Experts and Business Leaders to unveil their marketing & business strategies to help you grow your business. 

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Episode 54: Mastering LinkedIn Copywriting With Joe Mckay 

This episode is a special one, I speak to Joe McKay, a LinkedIn ghost-writer who creates success for his clients whilst building a copy empire for...

Episode 51: The World Needs A Clean Sweep With Alex Kain

This episode I was joined by Alex Kain the CEO of Human Pixel. A software development automation company. We spoke about his philosophy for life and...

Episode 50: Personal Branding Goddess Melanie Borden

Melanie Borden is a major Linkedin personal brand with 140,000 followers. I noticed her and just had to find out how this girl was on fire. 

Episode 48: Email Marketing Secrets with Will Wang

I sat down with Will Wang, the Founder of Growth Labz. He's the god of using emails to land Fortune 500 companies. To understand the secrets of Email...

Episode 45: Every SaaS Founder Needs To Hear This with Mark Stouse

I caught up with Mark Stouse, the CEO of Proof Analytics. We discussed his LinkedIn journey, the challenges of B2B marketing analytics and how...

Episode 33: I Don't Have Time

I’ve proven it, over and over again: Personal branding does NOT take a lot of time. And considering the modest cost, it’s MASSIVELY profitable.

Episode 30: LinkedIn Social Selling with Laura Erdem

Linkedin Marketing is tricky: Implementation is delicate. Execution is complex. And measurement is πŸ˜΅β€

Episode 29: 1 hour = 20 pieces of content

Too busy for #content #marketing? Do it in JUST 1 HOUR! πŸ‘†

Episode 27: How to get MORE views on LinkedIn

On this episode of Aha Moments with Mel, I answer the number 1 question we get asked: How do I get more views on LinkedIn??

Episode 25: How To Go Viral On LinkedIn

"Will I go viral?" 🦠 When someone thinks about #content #marketing, that's generally their first question.

Episode 24: Landing Pages That Land with Steven Lewis

Want to improve your landing pages? This week on Innovative Minds with Mel Frances, I speak to Steven Lewis, Director of Copywriting at Taleist...

Episode 22: Crush it with Video Marketing with Cliff Coelho

Want better VIDEO content? 🎬 This week's INNOVATIVE MINDS has you covered πŸ‘πŸ½

Episode 15: Media Is Changing Forever with Paul O'Brien

This episode Paul O'Brein the CEO of MediaTech Ventures and I spoke about the evolving world of media.

Episode 14: The Art of Storytelling with Mridula Amin

This episode I discuss storytelling with Mridula Amin - a world class journalist and my sister! Featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street...

Episode 11: Should The CEO be a Linkedin Influencer?

In Episode 11 I sat down with my Sales and Marketing Directors Paul Niblett and Tharun Sonti to discuss if the CEO should be a Linkedin Influencer?

Episode 7: Impact of AI on Marketing with David Cyrus

In Episode 7 we interview Faethm CMO David Cyrus on the impact of AI on marketing.

Episode 5: Youtube vs LinkedIn with Kan Huang

In Episode 5, I sit down with Youtube Expert Kan Huang to learn about Youtube and how it compares to Linkedin

Episode 1: Podcast Marketing Strategy with Tommy Jackett

In our very first episode, we dive into the brain of podcasting expert, Tommy Jacket, an authority on videos, podcasts, and content production.

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