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Each week, I speak to Linkedin Experts and Business Leaders to unveil their marketing & business strategies to help you grow your business. 

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Episode 53: How To Exit With Mac Lackey

I got the opportunity to sit down with the maestro of business exits, Mac Lackey. He’s successfully exited six 7-8-fig businesses in his 25-year...

Episode 52: Lisa Teh’s Serial Founder Story

I sat down with stylish serial entrepreneur, Lisa Teh. She’s a force to be reckoned with in the entrepreneurial world.

Episode 48: Email Marketing Secrets with Will Wang

I sat down with Will Wang, the Founder of Growth Labz. He's the god of using emails to land Fortune 500 companies. To understand the secrets of Email...

Episode 47: How to Grow From Concept To Cash with Rand Fishkin

I sat down with SEO guru Rand Fishkin, co-founder of MOZ and SparkToro. He’s legendary in the marketing and SEO world.

Episode 45: Every SaaS Founder Needs To Hear This with Mark Stouse

I caught up with Mark Stouse, the CEO of Proof Analytics. We discussed his LinkedIn journey, the challenges of B2B marketing analytics and how...

Episode 43: Bootstrapped to $100 Million ARR with Tony Nash

This episode I interview Tony Nash. An Australian icon and the founder and CEO of Booktopia - an online book store, he bootstrapped his company to a...

Episode 36: Podcasting Secrets with Tom Hunt

I caught up with Tom Hunt, founder of Fame. Fame have perfected the art of podcasting. Their winning format powers successful podcasts in many...

Episode 35: Partnership Marketing is the NEW BLACK with Ryan Elliott and Jaime Pitt

Marketing Ad spend going nowhere? Maybe it's time to consider partnership marketing.

Episode 32: The Multiplier Mindset with Tracy Clark

This week, I spoke to Tracy Clark - the life-changing life-coach who unleashes the “multiplier mindset” onto the business world.

Episode 28: Unstoppable Success with Arjun Paliwal

Want to conquer your industry - in just 4 years?? Then you NEED to hear this 👆

Episode 26: Overcome FEAR with Mark Mathews

TOP SKILL NEEDED for big-wave surfing? 🏄🌊 MINDSET 🧠

Episode 21: Make Love Not Porn ❤️ ‍with Cindy Gallop

Make Love Not Porn ❤️ This week, I podcasted with a very special guest: Cindy Gallop, Founder and CEO of Make Love Not Porn.

Episode 20: $6mil Raised Using LinkedIn with Havard Lillebo

This week I interviewed Serial entrepreneur Håvard Lillebo. With two mega-exits, he's raised €140+ million for startups and is a true believer of...

Episode 17: Secrets of Angel Investing with Jed Ng

This episode Jed Ng, the founder of Angel School and I dive into Angel Investing Syndicates (AIS). Jed is a builder, unicorn angel investor and...

Episode 16: Learning from the Startup Guru with David Kenney

This episode I interviewed my friend, mentor, advisor - David Kenney. One of Australia’s most reputable and capable strategic business advisors!

Episode 12: The Future of Email Marketing with Andy Mowat

This episode I interview Andy Mowat, CEO of Gated and a serial entrepreneur who's worked at 3 unicorns. Gated is disrupting email marketing.

Episode 10: The SECRET LinkedIn Lead Gen Weapon with David Chevalier

Episode 10 features David Chevalier, CEO of Leadjet. It's a secret weapon for sales teams. Extract and send information from Linkedin to your CRM.

Episode 9: Making Equity a Piece of Cake with Kim Hansen

Kim Hansen, CEO & Co-founder of Cake shares valuable advice on all things equity. From mistakes to best practices, vesting schedules and more.

Episode 8: Fiverr to $30million ARR with Garrett Mehrguth

Episode 8 features Garrett Mehrguth, CEO of Directive. We discuss Linkedin, ads, his talent strategy, business mantra and how he reached $30 million...

Episode 6: CEO Story with Philip Weinman

Episode 6 features CEO Philip Weinman, a serial entrepreneur with 30+ years experience. We discuss his journey. From startups, culture, failure and...

Episode 4: CEO Story: Mindset, Attitude & Defying Death with Chris Jankulovski

In Episode 4, I sit down with CEO and friend Chris Jankulovski to discuss his life, mindset, attitude, spirituality and what he learnt on his journey

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