Episode 34: Selling Has Changed with Anil Menghani

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I know this might sound like an overstatement - but it's true:

This week I caught up with someone who’s completely reinvented the selling process.

Anil Menghani won LinkedIn’s first “Modern Sales Award”.

Even better: His team is crushing it using these techniques!

As Anil says: "The award recognises salespeople who are “LinkedIn savvy, who are really up there on their game of online engagement”

Take note:

Salespeople need to keep up with the changes or be left behind.

And make no mistake:

This is not the kind of sales I usually talk about - where you create content and people inbound to you.

These changes have transformed traditional, outbound business development.

Anil’s comments closely echo what Laura Erderm told me earlier:

That salespeople who pass off LinkedIn marketing as “not my job” are not really doing their jobs!

There’s a whole new playbook and it’s built around 3 C’s: content, community and commitment.

And if you think that sounds more like “marketing” than “sales”, you’ve definitely missed the memo!



The 3 C's of getting sales (5:27 - 7:31)

Turbocharge your Sales Navigator (7:40 - 13:25)

Messaging that gets RESULTS (13:25 - 15:37)

🤢 Check your LinkedIn personal hygiene! 🤮 (15:56 - 17:38)

Use LinkedIn like Tinder ✅ (17:39 - 18:57)

Slick automated outreach methods 😎 (19:04 - 23:05)

Convert new connections to SALES (23:05 - 25:43)

NEVER give up on leads (26:47 - 28:51)

Attract more leads with multiple invites (28:52 - 29:56)

EASILY reply to ALL new connections (30:24 - 34:27)

How to build and manage audiences (34:44 - 37:00)

5 Sales Nav searches you NEED (37:00 - 40:28)

Zoom Info + Sales Nav = 🎯 (40:28 - 41:08)

Use sales and content together (44:20 - 46:25)

Create amazing content EASILY (46:37 - 48:05)

Dear salespeople: Content is ESSENTIAL! (49:32 - 53:08)

Stop censoring staff on LinkedIn! 🤬 (53:08 - 58:07)

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