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Each week, I speak to Linkedin Experts, Business Leaders to unveil their marketing & business strategies to help you grow your business. Hit +follow if you enjoy my podcast, so you can be notified when I drop my next episode.

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Episode 41: The Secret to Winning on LinkedIn with Jasmin Alić

Jasmin (Jay) Alić is one of the fastest growing LinkedIn Influencers. A teacher, a rapper and a Fortune 500 Copywriter - he shares his secrets for...

Episode 40: How to Bring Humor into LinkedIn with Liam Darmody

My guest Liam Darmody is a LinkedIn Influencer with 33,000 followers. A proud father, hot sauce aficionado who uses humour to great effect in...

Episode 39: How to Convert on LinkedIn with Richard Moore

Want your content to convert? Want people to orbit around your content? Then this episode is for you.  Richard Moore is a Linkedin conversion expert...

Episode 38: ZERO to 30,000 Followers In 18 months on LinkedIn with Rosie Chong

My guest Rosie Chong has gone from 0 to 37,000 followers in 18 months.

Episode 37: How To GO VIRAL, After Viral After Viral on Linkedin with Tasleem Ahmad Fateh

My guest Tasleem Ahmad Fateh 👽 receives 5000 likes, 700 comments, 60 re-shares on average daily on LinkedIn. Incase you don't know he is an...

Episode 36: Podcasting Secrets with Tom Hunt

I caught up with Tom Hunt, founder of Fame. Fame have perfected the art of podcasting. Their winning format powers successful podcasts in many...

Episode 35: Partnership Marketing is the NEW BLACK with Ryan Elliott and Jaime Pitt

Marketing Ad spend going nowhere? Maybe it's time to consider partnership marketing.

Episode 34: Selling Has Changed with Anil Menghani

This week I caught up with someone who’s completely reinvented the selling process. Anil Menghani won LinkedIn’s first “Modern Sales Award”.

Episode 33: I Don't Have Time

I’ve proven it, over and over again: Personal branding does NOT take a lot of time. And considering the modest cost, it’s MASSIVELY profitable.

Episode 32: The Multiplier Mindset with Tracy Clark

This week, I spoke to Tracy Clark - the life-changing life-coach who unleashes the “multiplier mindset” onto the business world.

Episode 31: Are you ready for LinkedIn ads?

If you want to be successful with LinkedIn ads, you need to make sure all the pieces are in place before you start running them.

Episode 30: LinkedIn Social Selling with Laura Erdem

Linkedin Marketing is tricky: Implementation is delicate. Execution is complex. And measurement is 😵‍

Episode 29: 1 hour = 20 pieces of content

Too busy for #content #marketing? Do it in JUST 1 HOUR! 👆

Episode 28: Unstoppable Success with Arjun Paliwal

Want to conquer your industry - in just 4 years?? Then you NEED to hear this 👆

Episode 27: How to get MORE views on LinkedIn

On this episode of Aha Moments with Mel, I answer the number 1 question we get asked: How do I get more views on LinkedIn??

Episode 26: Overcome FEAR with Mark Mathews

TOP SKILL NEEDED for big-wave surfing? 🏄🌊 MINDSET 🧠

Episode 25: How To Go Viral On LinkedIn

"Will I go viral?" 🦠 When someone thinks about #content #marketing, that's generally their first question.

Episode 24: Landing Pages That Land with Steven Lewis

Want to improve your landing pages? This week on Innovative Minds with Mel Frances, I speak to Steven Lewis, Director of Copywriting at Taleist...

Episode 23: GOOGLE ADs vs LINKEDIN 🥊

How do Google Ads compare to LinkedIn ads in driving sales and revenue? This week I go solo on the Innovative Minds podcast to share our learns

Episode 22: Crush it with Video Marketing with Cliff Coelho

Want better VIDEO content? 🎬 This week's INNOVATIVE MINDS has you covered 👍🏽

Episode 21: Make Love Not Porn ❤️ ‍with Cindy Gallop

Make Love Not Porn ❤️ This week, I podcasted with a very special guest: Cindy Gallop, Founder and CEO of Make Love Not Porn.

Episode 20: $6mil Raised Using LinkedIn with Havard Lillebo

This week I interviewed Serial entrepreneur Håvard Lillebo. With two mega-exits, he's raised €140+ million for startups and is a true believer of...

Episode 19: Personal Branding with Belinda Agnew

This week, I sat down with Belinda Agnew, an influencer and director of XEnabler: a developer of reliable apps. Her posts can get 2 million Linkedin...

Episode 18: Must Hear LinkedIn Strategies with Andy Foote

This week’s episode was a real adrenaline rush - I caught up with Linkedin LEGEND Andy Foote!

Episode 17: Secrets of Angel Investing with Jed Ng

This episode Jed Ng, the founder of Angel School and I dive into Angel Investing Syndicates (AIS). Jed is a builder, unicorn angel investor and...

Episode 16: Learning from the Startup Guru with David Kenney

This episode I interviewed my friend, mentor, advisor - David Kenney. One of Australia’s most reputable and capable strategic business advisors!

Episode 15: Media Is Changing Forever with Paul O'Brien

This episode Paul O'Brein the CEO of MediaTech Ventures and I spoke about the evolving world of media.

Episode 14: The Art of Storytelling with Mridula Amin

This episode I discuss storytelling with Mridula Amin - a world class journalist and my sister! Featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street...

Episode 13: LinkedIn Ads with Justin Rowe

This episode I interview Justin Rowe to dig into LinkedIn Ad strategies. From Ad objectives to creative format choice, ad audiences and budgets.

Episode 12: The Future of Email Marketing with Andy Mowat

This episode I interview Andy Mowat, CEO of Gated and a serial entrepreneur who's worked at 3 unicorns. Gated is disrupting email marketing.

Episode 11: Should The CEO be a Linkedin Influencer?

In Episode 11 I sat down with my Sales and Marketing Directors Paul Niblett and Tharun Sonti to discuss if the CEO should be a Linkedin Influencer?

Episode 10: The SECRET LinkedIn Lead Gen Weapon with David Chevalier

Episode 10 features David Chevalier, CEO of Leadjet. It's a secret weapon for sales teams. Extract and send information from Linkedin to your CRM.

Episode 9: Making Equity a Piece of Cake with Kim Hansen

Kim Hansen, CEO & Co-founder of Cake shares valuable advice on all things equity. From mistakes to best practices, vesting schedules and more.

Episode 8: Fiverr to $30million ARR with Garrett Mehrguth

Episode 8 features Garrett Mehrguth, CEO of Directive. We discuss Linkedin, ads, his talent strategy, business mantra and how he reached $30 million...

Episode 7: Impact of AI on Marketing with David Cyrus

In Episode 7 we interview Faethm CMO David Cyrus on the impact of AI on marketing.

Episode 6: CEO Story with Philip Weinman

Episode 6 features CEO Philip Weinman, a serial entrepreneur with 30+ years experience. We discuss his journey. From startups, culture, failure and...

Episode 5: Youtube vs LinkedIn with Kan Huang

In Episode 5, I sit down with Youtube Expert Kan Huang to learn about Youtube and how it compares to Linkedin

Episode 4: CEO Story: Mindset, Attitude & Defying Death with Chris Jankulovski

In Episode 4, I sit down with CEO and friend Chris Jankulovski to discuss his life, mindset, attitude, spirituality and what he learnt on his journey

Episode 3: Demand Gen & Dark Social with Chris Walker

In Episode 3 I interview Demand Gen's Chris Walker, CEO of Refine labs. We discuss his personal life and success on Linkedin, dark social, CMO...

Episode 2: Diving Into A LinkedIn Algorithm Expert's Mind

In Episode 2, I sit down with fellow LinkedIn Guru; Richard van der Blom to discuss the LinkedIn algorithm, changes, challenges and opportunities.

Episode 1: Podcast Marketing Strategy with Tommy Jackett

In our very first episode, we dive into the brain of podcasting expert, Tommy Jacket, an authority on videos, podcasts, and content production.

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