LinkedIn Lead Generation System

We target your 'hyper-niche' audience with authentic personalised messages which converts. 

Our approach to using linkedin to revenue generate is unique and innovative revenue generation strategy.


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What We Do

Audience & Strategy 

We identify your hyper niche audience, research their pain points including finding any pre existing content that offers value to them.

Messaging & Positioning

We design a messaging sequence to your hyper niche audience which results in warm intro calls and conversions.


Data Report & Feedback

We'll give you a monthly reports and feedback on how we can improve  conversions in the future to really push the needle.


Our 12 Month Guarantee

1,000+ Introductions to Ideal Clients

50+ Quality Leads

Why Us 

We don't believe in being another old outbound agency claiming unrealistic leads numbers.

Our approach is to create really engaging messages that warm your market, and play the long game.

Our approach is to always come across 'social' and not 'salesy'. We want to work with clients who understand that B2B sales takes time, it takes trust and 

Every time they read that tip you are gaining their trust plus driving traffic to where you really want them. No hard sell no hard follow up, just authentic conversation. 

And when they are ready to have a call, you or the sales team will convert 7x more frequently than any other channel and its alot more affordable than paid ads.

We don't believe in the traditional outbound approach that promises unrealistic lead numbers.

Instead, we take a different approach by crafting engaging messages that effectively warm up your target audience over time.

We pride ourselves on being 'social' and not 'salesy', as we understand that building trust is essential for successful B2B sales.

This approach leads to a significantly higher conversion rate of 7x. So, if you're looking for a long-term, sustainable sales strategy, we're the agency for you.

What Our Clients Say πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Madalena Home page image

Are You B2B are next level when it comes to content, strategy and personal brand. They won't disappoint you.


Director, Happiness Business School,

Madalena Carey


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Havard Home Page Image

I love working with the team. By building my personal brand the effect has been better content, more creativity, more impact and many high quality new connections. 


Serial Entrepreneur,

HΓ₯vard Lillebo


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Compared to any other Linkedin supplier we have ever worked with, Are You B2B is the best by far. 


CEO, Remote Staff,

Chris Jankulovski


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