How Mel Turned her Company Into A Multi Million Dollar Enterprise using the CEO Thought Leadership Effect

Mellonie Francis, CEO of Are You B2B left her corporate job in 2018. She was on a mission to build a business, which could give her the freedom to work remotely, travel & ensure she never had to return to the corporate world. 

Mel's CEO Thought Leadership Strategy

As a team of 1️⃣ she used her voice to generate brand awareness.

She started sharing her story on why she left corporate and talking about things she was learning in the new business world.

Back then, as there was little to no competition, posting good content would result in leads. It was a fascinating and exciting time - almost too good to be true. 

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Mel's success as a 'CEO Thought Leader' fuels her passion now to help others gain similar success sharing their story.

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Still unsure 'You Need' to make that call? No problem check out some more of Mel's Viral Content she created to build her business.

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Mel's Result

The CEO 'Thought Leader' marketing strategy delivered Mel 20k followers, 3 million views, 88k engagements, 954 shares and $5million in inbound sales pipeline.

This took 2.5 years of hard work, but becoming an influencer takes consistency and hard work. 

She also now has a team of 15+ in her agency, just using the Linkedin organic methodology.


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We all start at the beginning right? ☝️ Though now more than ever excellent strategy & execution is the only way you will be seen in a highly competitive influencer marketing landscape.


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That's why we guarantee our creative strategy & 🎯execution will get you there. So you can focus on your customers, investors and team. 


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HubSpot Video

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HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

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