Håvard Closed €6.5 Million In Funding Using Linkedin 

Håvard Lillebo is a brilliant serial entrepreneur - with 20+ years' experience launching UNICORNS.

Using Linkedin marketing ALONE - he'd already raised €6.5 million. 


Why Håvard Came To Us: 

To keep attracting new investors AND founders, he needed to amplify his personal brand even more.

The strategy?

Become a renowned thought-leader in the startup universe.

His Objectives?

  • Build his personal brand and gain 1 million views on LinkedIn within a year.
  • Build a high quality investor network and gain credibility with them to raise funding
  • Position his companies and share their progress


Solution: LinkedIn Personal Branding

Cut Through LinkedIn Content:

Using hyper-personal stories, we showcased the rigorous methodology and inspiration behind Håvard's investment success - in a relatable, unpretentious way.

We then released Infographic Business Frameworks, drawing readers deeper into his message.

Finally, video content created an even deeper connection - and cemented the credibility he'd gained.

Havard Lillebo Profile

Here's The Content We Created For Håvard:

Havard 5th Startup Image Post
Havard Watbots Framework
Havard Post Nanize Framework-1
Havard Nanize Text Post 800x1200
Havard Watbots Video 800x1200
Havard Nanize Video post 800x1200
Havard Pitch Playbook
HubSpot Video
Havard Pitch Playbook results
Havard I read everything you post
HubSpot Video
Havard Secret To Building Quality Brand

But We Didn't Stop There:

With Håvard's video doing so well, we invited Håvard onto our own podcast - offering his fans an even more authentic connection with him! Listen to it here 👇🏻

Solution 2: Growing Håvard's Network 

Håvard wanted to connect with deep tech investors and founders using LinkedIn.

We ran a customised connection campaign and offered improved messaging to his network - both new and pre-existing.

We planned and scaled outreach to his followers over a period of several months resulting in 40 investor meetings per month on average

Havard Connection Rate

Results 🏆

Håvard has acheived INCREDIBLE results.

We showcased one of his ventures each week on a regular schedule.

He reached 80,000+ views on 1 post - with improved engagement.

His readers were slowly getting hooked on his weekly stories.

His network grew RAPIDLY (49% increase to be precise) - and he was booking 40 calls a month due to our linkedin secret system.

And his goal of earning 1 million views in a year?

He reached it in 9 months with our help. 

Havard Illustration Feedback

Here's What Håvard Thinks About His Partnership With Are You B2B 👇

I have genuinely enjoyed working together with Are You B2B! They are at the forefront of Linkedin - strategy, what works, and how to execute!

They have helped me improve my game - a real level up - and the compounding impact is HIGH.

That improved personal brand gives authenticity, a better network, more visibility, more investor talks, more funding for my startups, and lots of new insights!

- Håvard Lillebo

Havard Lillebo Watbots

Ready To Jump On A Strategy Call Because You Want Results Like Håvard? 

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