How We Developed A Full Omnichannel Marketing Strategy For 1Group


1 Group Realty didn’t have a marketing partner to help them produce high-quality strategic content consistently.

They had tried creating content for themselves, but they just didn't have a system for omnichannel marketing. No one was helping them to understand what to create, who to create it for, and how often to create content.

Nothing was working well enough to place Julian and 1Group at the front of their customer’s minds. There wasn’t a great foundation for them to grow with.
Solution 1: Marketing Strategy
Julian sought out Are You B2B to create an end-to-end marketing funnel.
After looking at their marketing strategy, we helped them decide what media channels they should be investing in and allocating their funds to.

For the first few months, we consistently released and experimented with Email, LinkedIn, Video, and Marketing Blogs to get a feel for what people were paying attention to most.

Guiding them in repurposing content and distributing their marketing in a meaningful way for each channel.

This allowed us to help them build up a professional copyrighting team, manage their content plan, and introduce them to video marketing

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Solution 2: Email Strategy

We were able to really improve the emails, communication and the whole structure by creating a successful email strategy and service for Julian. Especially with the consistency.

It started with just one email every month, then two emails every month and then we began really embedding their CRM system with their email

This allowed us to be able to improve the content in the emails, improve the clicks, and improve further by looking at insights and the data (which they weren’t looking at before).

This consistency allowed us to put out more and more emails that reached people, bringing Julian and 1Group to the front of their minds.

It took time, obviously to be consistent and add value, but one thing that 1Group did is just kept at it.

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Solution 3: LinkedIn Strategy

Introducing Newsletters to Julian’s LinkedIn ­­- which was a new feature at the time - made him stand out as a knowledgeable person for the property market.

Not only did we put out great content consistently weekly, but Julian was building a connection with the right people that could see the content.

We started distributing parts of Julian's thoughts and videos on LinkedIn to establish his social media brand and build up his social media presence.

This would allow him to connect with the decision-makers of banks and financial institutions while looking for funding.

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The Results

Julian email screenshot are you missing off market properties
Julian open rate Off market property
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With our help by combining Linkedin, email marketing and video content, Julian landed 3 strategic partnerships with DOM, BFD and Viridian worth millions of dollars as a result of our marketing strategy!

Julian was invited to speak on other podcasts, interviews, and webinars with his partners. Who loved and wanted to feature his content.

Our connection strategy resulted in 840+ targeted connections on Linkedin for Julian within a year.

Julian's Sales Cycle reduced from 263 days in 2020 to 197 days in 2021.


Their insights and strategy combined with the team diligence and creative execution have meant we can reach a wider audience and find more in profile clients with minimal effort. The marketing landscape keeps evolving and we have no chance of keeping up without their help”

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