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Julian runs a successful Real Estate Buyers Agency.

Since working with us he has successfully landed massive partners.

Why Julian Came To Us:

Julian Muldoon, Director of 1 Group, had an ambitious goal for his agency:

To be the most trusted name in property. 

This required Julian to CONSISTENTLY publish QUALITY content, but he was too time-poor to do it himself.

He needed a marketing partner who could level-up his content - with minimal input from him.

The Results We Achieved:

His emails achieved an incredible 35% open rate - boosted by regular, VISUAL content on Linkedin.

Within 12 months, he landed rain-making partnerships with DOM, BFD and Viridian - worth $10 million in sales pipeline!

Julian is constantly invited to speak on forums, podcasts and on mass media.

As you can see below, Julian's LinkedIn content engagement went way up. From views to likes, comments and shares.

His many inbound leads are now MUCH easier to close - thanks to the name-recognition and solution-awareness and he's earned.

Email Open Rate
Likes in 12 months
Increase in LinkedIn Engagement
Comments in 12 months
Increase in Views
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How We Did It:

A Hybrid Email and LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

We knew we could not reach ALL of 1 Group's audience via Linkedin.

So a hybrid marketing strategy was essential. 

We crafted an email content strategy along side of a Linkedin content strategy- to reach his audience.

His emails achieved an incredible 35% open rate - boosted by regular, VISUAL content on Linkedin.

Within 12 months, he landed rain-making partnerships with DOM, BFD and Viridian - worth $10 million in sales pipeline!

1. Crafted Emails That BROKE THE MOULD And Got READ!

Most real-estate emails are a tad CRINGE!

Abrasive in tone (to maximise FOMO), full of confusing stats and, of course, floridly-written: like a for-sale sign on a busy street!

Julian's content wasn't exactly a "renovator's dream", but it had plenty of "unlocked potential".

By adopting a value-first, thought-leadership style, Julian quickly broke the mould.

And it made all the difference:

Subscribers love Julian's weekly emails - and have remained fiercely loyal!

Check out the industry-leading performance Julian was able to achieve on his emails 👇 

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Julian open rate Off market property

2. We Revamped Julian's Brand On LinkedIn 

We redesigned his LinkedIn top banner and re-wrote his tag line and about me section for immediate credibility with potential clients.

Implemented a new profile video - a new feature!

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3. Created LinkedIn Thought Leadership Content

We created Thought leadership content to promote Julian as an industry thought-leader.

This was the EASY part. Due to his deep expertise:

A 20-minute chat with Julian contains an average of 13 useable insights.

By the time our copywriters and designers had workshopped his ideas into promotable content, he only needed around 30-minutes of review time to build a powerful content schedule.

Julian also utilised our connection campaign service - rapidly building his network of warm prospects.

This Is The Content Which Separated Julian From His Competition 👇🏻


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SEPARATE yourself from the PACK!

What Julian Thinks About Us

"Their insights and strategy combined with the team diligence and creative execution have meant we can reach a wider audience and find more in profile clients with minimal effort.

The marketing landscape keeps evolving and we have no chance of keeping up without their help."

- Julian Muldoon

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