How do Linkedin Ads Work and What’s Best for You?

Looking to get started with Linkedin Ads? Learn from Are You B2B's recent Linkedin Ad experiments

As expected with the platform maturing, organic reach declining, facebook ads not performing: the era of Linkedin ads is here.

There is a huge surge in demand for Linkedin ads. With even B2C players like Audi, Tiffany & Co, Louboutin moving into Linkedin Ads.

The reason these players are here is because:

1) Linkedin offers you the ability to target high earning job titles

2) These companies deeply understand the job titles of their target audience


We've been testing Linkedin Ads. Here are some of our learnings:

1.) Look at inspiring companies and competitor ads on Linkedin.

To find their ads: Head over to a Linkedin company page URL > Posts > Ads

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2.) Before getting started on ads fill out this template. This will help you ensure you have a well thought out Linkedin ad campaign.


3.) Submit your ad 48hours before your campaign launch date. Linkedin will review and accept or reject your ad.

Reach out if you'd like help with Linkedin Ad ideas and conducting a deep competitor ad analysis.


Mellonie Francis | CEO | Are You B2B |


P.S Should your organisation invest in LinkedIn? Here's a checklist we came up with this week for you to assess the platform's potential for your organisation.

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