How to Stay Relevant or You’ll Be Saying Goodbye

Remember the days of watching TV and sitting through endless ads? Not anymore! This is how your marketing should change.

I’m concerned about household brands.

I'm concerned whether they will be able to change fast enough to remain relevant.

20 years ago, people would advertise:

  • In the paper
  • On television  
  • On Radio 
  • Send out physical mail 
  • On signboards 

Today, things have changed 

  • Paper → Google 
  • Television → Social Media 
  • Radio → Podcast 
  • Mail → Email
  • Signboard → Digital signboards 
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This week, I went and took a look at some of the companies listed in the ASX.

It was shocking and heartbreaking to see BIG household names failing. 

Most of them:

  • Were not keeping up with the latest social media platforms or trends
  • Were not positioning themselves on new channels like a podcast or social media ads  
  • Were not building emotional connection or loyalty by using the CEO’s voice
  • Did not have a sound Social Media Strategy 

I wondered how they plan to stay relevant & front of mind, in such a fast paced digital marketing world?

Do they think buying google keywords is enough?

Brands need to go beyond the google price war and need to:

  • Build connection 
  • Build loyalty 
  • Evoke emotion 
  • Use their CEO's voice
  • Use their employee voices
  • Use social media & the new channels to win the digital war 

In my opinion, the only way to do all of the above, is if brands create their own media company internally.

Yes you heard me.

With so many micro media channels coming up, every organisation that wants to exist in future needs to start investing into creating a media team internally. 

You can use agencies like ours to help you build processes, bring in frameworks & produce content for you in the short term. But the long term play needs to be to build an internal media arm.

That’s just the fact.

You have the subject matter expertise and need a team who can create high quality content at high volume consistently, at a cost effective rate.

To help you on your journey to becoming a media company

Here is our Asana template we use internally and with clients to create high quality, high volume content.


*Asana doesn't allow us to provide links with edit/copy access. If you would like us to send over the template file, click below.

[Click here] if you want to receive the template.

Stay relevant,

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