Should CEOs Be Influencers or Not?

Talking with my marketing and sales leaders, we discuss how it’s possible and should it be important.

This week was special.

I brought in my sales and marketing leaders, Paul & Tharun to discuss:

  1. Whether CEO influencer marketing should form part of a company's marketing budget? If so, how much? 
  2. Does it actually make sense to invest into the CEO brand or is there a better way a company can spend their money?

As we build out the CEO Influencer product here at AreYouB2b, these are questions we battle with constantly. 

So I thought why not bring the conversation to the forefront? 


The Verdict on Influencer marketing 

We all agreed, CEOs are the most effective at capturing an audience. And CEOs like Elon Musk, Gary Vee, Richard Branson are pure examples of CEO influence working.

"I mean, Elon Musk can shift the whole US stock market with just one tweet" - Paul 



Whilst I agree with Paul that the CEO influencer marketing channel can have HUGE impact. 

At the end of the day, you still need a great product or service, which solves a real pain point.

*Don't think that as soon as you turn on the CEO influencer tap, it will rain cash.*

For example I love Zeb Evans, CEO of ClickUp.

His personal brand introduced and warmed me to ClickUp.

However, now that I'm seriously considering moving from Asana to ClickUp, the company has to show me why the move is worth it.

So influencer marketing has to be used in combination with product marketing.


Cost of CEO Influencer Marketing

It's not FREE.

To do it well, you need 

1) CEO time 

2) Copywriter time 

3) Video editing time

4) Graphic Design Time

5) Distribution time 

6) Strategist time to analyse performance & come up with content 

Chris Walker, spends $100k per month on his brand. Gary V would be at-least $300k. 

Our pricing starts at $5k per month, to get you started.


Want to Listen to our Full Conversation where we delved into: 

  • Whether CEO influencer marketing works for everyone? Or does it only work for 80% of CEOs? 
  • When to grow from CEO influencer marketing to Executive influencer marketing? 
  • How much of a $1million marketing budget would you put into CEO influencer marketing? 

Listen to the full conversation here 👇🏻


Happy influencing! 


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We'll be sharing tips on how to write influential content on LinkedIn. Register here if you're interested.


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