Producing Content is Great, But Don’t Forget to Mine That Marketing Data

Is your B2B marketing not translating into sales? Here's how you can change it fast and why you should!

About 6 days ago, I decided to give this 'work remotely' from anywhere a real test. 

Today, I am writing to you from Bali.

Whilst working from here, I started thinking:

 How disconnected marketing and sales teams are.

Marketing teams are plugging away at producing content. And sales team always complain the content results in 'zero leads'.

Why does this happen?

Well, its usually because your marketing & sales team are not mining the data.


Think about it, marketing efforts produce an immense amount of data:

  • Email opens
  • Email clicks
  • Website visits  

Linkedin content efforts produce large amounts of data: 

  • Linkedin followers
  • Linkedin profile views
  • Linkedin conversations 
  • Linkedin newsletter subscribers 
  • Plus more as shown in our illustration below 
No alt text provided for this image


However most marketing teams and sales teams do nothing with this useful data & what it signals.

Instead most close their eyes, and hope leads just inbound in.

Unfortunately, life doesn't work like that. 

Mining the data is essential, and hard work.

Plus Linkedin doesn't make it easy to extract data.

For example have you yet tried to download a list of your newsletter subscribers? It's not possible in Linkedin. 

Here's a detailed look at how our Chief of Growth, Tharun Sonti extracted a list of subscribers for our Linkedin Newsletter:


Obtaining clean data is hard.

But it is essential for success, and connecting marketing and sales team.

So, producing content is essential. Why? Because it gives you DATA.

And once you get that data, and clean it, your sales team will have better quality prospects [vs just cold calling].

If you wanted to have a discussion with my team, about how to obtain data from your Linkedin or your marketing efforts, using some of the latest technologies:

Book in a call here.

We'd be happy to show you the tactics we are using.

Remember data is king.


Happy Data Mining,

Mellonie Francis | CEO | Are You B2B |


P.S While our team are in Bali enjoying family time, nature, travel and the benefits of remote work - we're also considering hosting our next client event here!

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