What's 🔥 on LinkedIn & Ukraine (March 2022)

What happened for the 1st week of March 2022 on LinkedIn? From Ukraine-related content to a LinkedIn helps Ukraine donation page to viral Newsletters.

To help you make the most of LinkedIn - we've summarised our recent learnings from experiments we ran, products we're testing and posts we're creating.


What's 🔥: Ukraine situation  

As you know the situation in Ukraine is heating up. With fears of a world war.


President Zelensky's message and voice has gone viral on LinkedIn. 
This LinkedIn video attracted 54,000 likes & 1,434 comments. We're predicting billions of views given how many times we watched it ourselves. 


Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 4.23.42 pm


Deconstructing the virality
Marketing and virality come naturally when you have content that:
  • is relevant and urgent
  • contains a message worth sharing
  • shows actions that inspire and speak to our hearts
He has earned it!
What about action? Is your heart aching for Ukraine like mine is? 
Justin Welsh has created a website of charities you can donate to:
Help Ukraine charities link


Our MOST viral post last week

Our client Chris J's post last week received 183,000+ views and counting. The viral post received 115 comments, 3000+ likes to date, and brought in countless leads, even within the comments of the post itself. That's why we obsess with going viral here.


Our analysis of why it went viral: 

  • Spoken with heart 
  • Educating a market who wants the 'know-how' on Filipino talent 

Check out the post 👇🏻 


[And if you are considering hiring Filipinno, look no further than Chris's company Remotestaff.com.au]

Chris J Filipino talent
Chris J get started comment

What's working ✅

LinkedIn Newsletters 

Last week we launched our Unlock the Power of LinkedIn newsletter on LinkedIn which was met with a wildly positive response.


2000+ subscribers within the first 2 days.


Newsletters are hot🔥 right now on LinkedIn. If you haven't yet unlocked the potential of LinkedIn, start with newsletters, they will give you the viewership you desire (if your content strategy is on point).

Here's how you can create your own Newsletter on LinkedIn.


Another WIN from our team

Our Chief of Growth, Tharun Sonti, decided to experiment on LinkedIn.
He took a simple text post from Sahil Bloom, and converted it into a Carousel post, and hit post.
6000+ views and counting. Tharun has 1500 connections which means most of the views were from outside Tharun's network.
Website Image
  • Insightful content
  • An eye catching first page
  • Shareable and easy to read
  • Give without expectation


What's not working ❌:

  • Video views are at an all time low on LinkedIn. Particularly since the last algorithm update, so we are moving into posting in text format for our clients.

  • Articles are the worst type of posts. The LinkedIn Algorithm has no leniency on articles. Try newsletters instead.

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