STOP! You Need to Read Our Content Distribution Strategy

To win on LinkedIn businesses must know how to distribute content with creativity, and consistency and know how to play to the algorithm before it’s too late!

For the past 3 years, I've noticed the people who are winning on LinkedIn know how to distribute content with creativity, consistency and know how to play to the algorithm.

So, this week, I really wanted to share some of my best LinkedIn distribution strategies with you.


Distribution Strategy 1: Creative Format

There are so many great ways to reformat and distribute your content on LinkedIn, to get the content to be seen by your networks. For example  

  1. Blogs can be turned into LinkedIn newsletters!  
  2. A video you’ve created can be posted directly on LinkedIn [pro tip: pull out the best part of the video and post natively. Do not share the Youtube link]
  3. Podcasts can be:
    • Turned into a regular newsletter 
    • Turned into an illustration. Have a creative illustrator turn the key points into an illustration [example below 👇🏻].
David Illustration

I could go on and on about how you can pick up a piece of content and make it perform REALLY well just by thinking about the format and adding creative flair to get those views.


Distribution Strategy 2: Call To Action

The other thing that's really important during your distribution strategy is to think about your CTAs.

  • What is your call to action strategy? I recommend having soft call to actions, for example “get more insights by subscribing to my weekly, no spam no fluff newsletter” 
  • Then think about how often you want to use a CTA? Do you want a call to action on every single post or is it every 3-4 posts? I recommend the latter.

Remember a lot of people aren’t ready to book a call, so a CTA strategy that says “book a call now” usually fails. It’s too intimidating.

Having a really smart call to action like check out my podcast which adds value - wins.


Distribution Strategy 3: Hashtags 

When I distribute, if there are key hashtags that represent my topic on LinkedIn, I make a conscious effort to use them.

TBH, I don’t think anyone really uses hashtags on LinkedIn to find relevant people like they do on Instagram, but I guess I just do it thinking “what if someone does use LinkedIn as they would IG."

For the hashtag strategy, I really loved the strategy Richard Van Der Blom is using. See below.

He created one hashtag for all of his content and if anyone wanted to see all his best content in an easy to view manner or share it with their team, they could just search for the hashtag on LinkedIn and see all of his content in one place.

Richard Tag Strategy 2

If you haven’t heard the podcast between Richard & I where we talk about the LinkedIn algorithm, make sure you set aside some time to listen to it.

Richard Van Der Blom play


Distribution Strategy 4: Tagging Strategy

Who are you going to tag in that post to notify them so that they don't miss out on what you’re sharing?

What I do is:

  • I look through my HubSpot 
  • Identify current deals 
  • My current clients 

Decide who might find the post relevant and value adding.

Then I tag them and ask thoughtful questions to make sure I deepen the relationship further.


Distribute strategy 5: Replying to comments  

Those who are placing energy into LinkedIn but are not replying to comments, are shooting themselves in the foot. Replying to comments is a post distribution strategy that you must prioritise.

Honestly, not replying to comments is like going to an event, presenting, and then not talking to anyone after presenting.

Pro tip: Reply to thoughtful comments. Spend 10 mins at the start of the day and end of the day to reply! So important if you want to grow your influence on LinkedIn and build a community.

If you think you don’t have enough time to reply, if Chris Walker (CEO of Refine Labs) can do it, so can you. Learn here how he replies to comments whilst running a 100+ employee business.

I hope that helps you to think more deeply about distribution.

At Are You B2B we obsess about distribution strategy as we know it converts into reach and revenue. So I hope now you will too.


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