What's Working, What's Not, What's Hot πŸ”₯ (Feb 2022)

What type of content was the best performing for LinkedIn in Feb 2022, Sales Navigator updates and new user intent tracking software?

To help you make the most of LinkedIn - we've summarised our recent learnings from experiments we ran, products we're testing and posts we're creating.

What's working βœ…

On the content front Carousels are performing best, followed by Image then Text posts then Polls (who isn't inundated by polls these days..) and lastly Video for us.

Especially when mixing popular culture references like Squid Games or Money Heist with Carousels. See below the post which got me 10k+ organic views last week πŸ‘‡πŸ»

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However, the organic reach is slowly decreasing as more content creators crowd into the platform. Organic reach will continue to lower as LinkedIn over crowds.

What's Not Working ❌:

    • Amongst the noise it will take more creativity, value add and quality content to stand out and GET REACH. Which means increasing time per post and LinkedIn + creative spend.

    • A shift towards LinkedIn paid ads will be the new norm.

    • Especially with many brands coming over from Facebook with privacy policy issues and increasing spend on Google.

    • A multi channel approach using emails alongside LinkedIn is a smart move, with many of our clients adopting this method and seeing results.

      Yesterday's post from Gartner shows more marketers considered email their best performing channel in 2021 compared to 2020.

      Is that true for you? Let us know and we'll collate the results.


What's Hot πŸ”₯

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Updates

There are several new Account level filters that allow for searching companies by annual revenue, Fortune (Fortune 500), job opportunities.

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This level of targeting and the data LinkedIn has on professionals is why LinkedIn continues to remain the place to be for B2B.

Question is how is LinkedIn getting some of this data and how reliable is it e.g. the annual revenue and technology used?

User intent tracking on LinkedIn 

As an agency, we're testing out new software to see when prospects interact with competitors, advocates, influencers on LinkedIn and score them based on level of activity: to get an edge in being part of the right conversations at the right time.

What do you think?

    • The content we engage with on LinkedIn from reactions to comments to posts is publicly visible. But is it ethical to track it closely and gain insights from this at scale?

    • To help you with LinkedIn we're writing an ebook. Sharing our learnings from 20,000,000+ post views.

      What title do you prefer?
      1. Crushing it on LinkedIn 
      2. LinkedIn Landscape 2022
      3. Investing in LinkedIn
      4. Linkedin Outlook 2022


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