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How To Write B2B Marketing Emails That Land You $100k In Business

Here are our best B2B outreach email marketing tips that land deals and your customers are excited to read.

“Professional” marketing emails are cringe.

The fancy borders.

The perfect alignment.

The polite corporate language.








My Golden Tip for email marketing:

If you’re NOT actually publishing a Myer catalogue:

Don’t send a Myer catalogue looking email with borders and sh*t. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 1.08.45 pm











When they see all the borders and frills.

Your audience knows you’re not emailing them personally - but they want to at least FEEL like you are.

They expect:

  • A real email from a real person
  • No border, no frill 
  • Some effort made to entertain them (even if it fails)
  • A succinct message which respects their TIME


  • Keep it short
  • Keep it no frill (like you wrote it from your phone) 
  • Show your ACTUAL personality
  • Don’t try too hard!!

Some people even recommend inserting typos and bad format ting strategicaly - that’s opshunal, but it 100% works! 😉


And just to brag a little..

1 of our new clients signed up for our Linkedin personal branding + Email marketing service. 

He'd never sent a thought leadership email to his 13k email data base.

We helped him write an insightful email that added real value to his readers.

We “kept it real”.

Right after his very FIRST EMAIL went out, here’s the message he sent me:

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 1.22.21 pm








Since then he's landed 2 new $100k clients in 1 month.

Do you want to see the email which landed the first $100k Client?

Check it out 👉


OK, class is over.


PS I drop all the latest insider tips & secrets as I see it happen into my Linkedin secret family group. You can request to join my secret group here.

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