Why Automatic Connections Won’t Work in 2022

Still, relying on an outdated content strategy for your marketing? Here’s an insider strategy to lift your game.

A client of mine was doing 0 content strategy with us, and only relying on an automatic connection strategy to win deals.

Last month they fired us.

And I'm happy about it.

Here’s why. 

I spent so much time trying to get the CEO to understand: Automatic connections don’t work.

It worked last year because you could connect at volumes of 100 a day. But now that you can only connect with 100 prospects a week, a lot more time is needed to build a high intent prospect list.

In 2022, much more time and creative content is needed to woo this person (who is getting 15 spam Linkedin messages a day).

My insight & recommendation

  • Those who are hoping to play the auto-connect game with no content strategy or creativity WILL FAIL.
  • You’ve got to play the content game & build demand
  • There are no shortcuts, you’ve got to do the hard work:
  • Invest in sharing value so you create true demand
  • Invest in video marketing
  • Invest in podcasts
  • Build, engage and understand communities where your customers are

Are you investing enough into marketing?

There was another client conversation this week that made me realise how important it was for a company to increase marketing budget in line with sales growth, year on year. 

Every year, the companies we work with grow sales but sometimes they forget to increase their budget to support the future growth, or more importantly forget that each year the marketing landscape becomes more competitive and to stay on top of the landscape, requires even more this year than last.

With June 30 around the corner, don't forget to allocate the appropriate budget for marketing.

 Here is my recommendation on marketing allocation 

  • Fast-growth companies: 30-40% of sales 
  • Steady growth companies: 15-20% of sales 

In 2022 make sure to stand out, and invest in creativity and branding that differentiates you. Invest into a podcast, bring illustrations into your content, invest in short form videos.

With more companies wanting to play the content game, it's too easy to get lost in the crowd. Make sure to stand out. 


Videos: The “IT” thing for the next few years 

It’s becoming obvious audio & video content is the future. Why? Because the demand for real, vulnerable, and authentic conversations is growing more and more, and both audio and video can serve that best. 

Have you got a system in place to help you produce video content in a consistent manner for social media distribution & your website?

If not, I urge you to seriously think about investing into videos and embedding it into your marketing mix. Here is a list of gear you need to get started from our interview with Tommy the podcast and video expert.


Think about it, the future is potentially Tik Tok, and the only format of content which can be distributed on Tik Tok is video.

That's all from me this week :) 

Oh BIG news, for those who read all the way to the end 

I caught up with Chris Walker, the demand gen and dark social guru. He is a gun on marketing and I'm honoured to have him in my network of friends I can talk to.

If you are into building demand for your product/service I urge you to listen to the full podcast here.

I hope you get as much out of this podcast as I did!

Happy listening! 💚

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