6 LinkedIn Learns That’ll Get You Thinking

No one stops learning on LinkedIn. Here, we share a few of our own Learns from our team slack channel.

This week is a bit different.

To help you make the most of LinkedIn

I'm going to highlight 6 LinkedIn Learns as a company.

From LinkedIn ad learns to organic posts to outbound outreach learns.


Learn 1: Company pages can comment now

Managing a company page and want to be more active in your ecosystem?

You can comment as your company page on social posts!

Thoughtful comments can help humanise your brand and generate page views and followers from curious readers.

Comment as company on Linkedin


Learn 2: Repost without any thoughts

Sometimes you might be out of ideas for LinkedIn posts.

See a great post - why not share it to your wall?

Linkedin's Share button has a "Repost" option to share content directly to your LinkedIn Wall.

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Learn 3: Sales Navigator New Spotlights 

Companies hiring on LinkedIn can be a useful intent signal.

Whether you're looking for a job or looking to sell to a company who is hiring.

The days of scraping who's hiring on LinkedIn are over.

Check out Sales Navigator Account level search functionality.

Enabling you to target companies who are "Hiring on LinkedIn".

Other useful intent signals include changes in senior leadership or funding events. Only available in the account level search on Sales Navigator!

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Learn 4: LinkedIn Ads Rotation 

Take a look at the gear below within the LinkedIn Ad campaign manager.⚙️

At first glance it looks like an image with no purpose. But it's actually a button!

Talk about poor UI.

Clicking it allows you to toggle between rotating ads and spending for a campaign evenly or by performance.

At the beginning of a campaign you want to rotate ads evenly so they each get a fair chance.

Later once you know which ads are high performers you can pause the others or rotate by performance. Which preferences your best ads.

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Learn 5: 300 limitation on retargeting Ads 

LinkedIn prohibits you from launching any retargeting ad campaign unless you have at least 300 people in the audience.

To paint that picture for you, let's say your campaign averages a $10 CPC, you'd need to spend at least $3k to get the 300 people you'd need for the next stage.

It's crucial you get the LinkedIn pixel added to your website, so you can collect the 300 people from website visitors.

You can also retarget anyone who viewed your LinkedIn company page.

Don't expect to launch retargeting immediately!


Learn 6: Focused Inbox [Beta version]

We complained. Linkedin heard it. 

If you were feeling bombarded by messages on LinkedIn, cut through the noise with the upcoming Focused Inbox LinkedIn is rolling out.

Currently in beta stage at the moment, but to be launched to everyone soon! 

This will cut out all that NOISE and help us focus on ideal customer profile messages!! Woot Woot 👇🏻

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I hope this helps you gain an unfair advantage when you're using LinkedIn.

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