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We are a new age personal branding agency, on a mission to share 1 million CEO stories with the world because CEO stories transform businesses and inspire the next generation of business leaders.




We help you Get Attention, Build Trust & Credibility

Today - B2B decision makers spend more time than ever on social channels like LinkedIn and Instagram. Versus high intent channels like Google.

To reach your customers you need to be active on these platforms.

With content that engages and educates your audience as they scroll by.

That builds trust and generates inbound leads.

It's faster than traditional networking and you can foster relationships with millions through authentic content.

Visibility + Credibility = Profitability

What We Do

LinkedIn Profile Revamp

We completely transform your LinkedIn profile from head to toe. 

This includes updating your profile banner, tagline, about me section and introducing a profile video.


Publish Highly Engaging Content Weekly

After undertaking market research & interviewing you to understand you deeply-

We create & publish educational-entertaining content that your market will love. 


Coaching & Feedback 

We continuously provide you guidance and feedback to help you monetize your personal brand.

Our coaching involves video interview training & helping you share vulnerable moments & filtering out content ideas.


 Our Work

Chris J Viral First Post in Hospital Gown Pink Overlay Stat with words 238,000+ views
Havard 5th Startup Investing with Purpose LinkedIn Image Post - Vitruvian Man with Havard in the middle pointing to all the ways he assesses a startup idea
Havard I read everything you post Linkedin post top
HubSpot Video
Havard 80k views Pink bottom half of Linkedin post with reaction stats

Our 12 Month Guarantee

More Visibility
New Connections
High Quality Leads

Why Us 

We don't believe in being another burn and churn marketing agency offering mediocre content and strategy at a price too good to be true!

Hell with my first SaaS startup I myself was burned by exactly one of those agencies.

Our vision is to offer the very best content and strategy that is in line with your business goals at the very best price to increase your ROI.

How do we do this?

By continually stream lining our processes, finding the latest and best innovations and deeply refining our secret strategies to give faster, better results for our clients.

This didn't happen overnight but with a lot of hard work, dedication and passion to deeply understand how we can bring the very best results and value.

And where we found the best results was by combining an organic demand gen strategy with personal brand. (See outreach in services & learn more)

And when you get this right then you can apply the same concepts to scale even faster with paid ads.

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What Our Clients Say πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Madalena Home page image

Are You B2B are next level when it comes to content, strategy and personal brand. They won't disappoint you.


Director, Happiness Business School,

Madalena Carey


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Havard Lillebo Watbots

I love working with the team. By building my personal brand the effect has been better content, more creativity, more impact and many high quality new connections. 


Serial Entrepreneur,

HΓ₯vard Lillebo


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Chris J Dec photoshoot-153

Compared to any other Linkedin supplier we have ever worked with, Are You B2B is the best by far. 


CEO, Remote Staff,

Chris Jankulovski


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