Thought Leadership Content for Innovative CEOs

Today's customers and talent don't just buy your product. They buy you.

We leverage Linkedin content, distribution and growth hacks to help you position yourself as a thought leader. Build community, trust, authority and your brand.

We achieved 10 million views in 6 months for our clients. With 0 ad spend.

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Positioning the CEO as a thought leader creates

  • More brand visibility
  • More opportunities
  • New strategic partnerships
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Attract new talent
  • Inspire current talent

Does your content authentically reflect your personal and company values?  Does it represent your head and your heart?

Generic Roadmap of content

Thought Leadership Content as part of wider content strategy

Today's customers and employees look at your company's values, character and conduct. Before deciding to buy or work with you. The CEO is a proxy for this.

By posting content consistently you build trust, authority, community.

As a CEO you're busy enough as it is.

Let our team of strategists, creatives take care of your CEO content funnel. Let us amplify your voice.

How CEOs position themselves

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Linkedin is the place to be for B2B

Firstly, it is the only platform which enables you to accurately target decision markers within organisation. Most other social platforms do not hold accurate job title data.  

Secondly, 3 million users share content on a weekly basis. Or ~1% of the Of 250 million monthly active users. Therefore there is still space for you to post, and grab organic views. The Linkedin algorithm favours native content.

All this makes a case for posting high quality thought leadership content on Linkedin. 


Benefits of working with Are You B2B

Save Time & Hassle

With our expert team of Linkedin strategists and creatives. For less than the cost of 1 marketer.

We manage your CEO marketing channel with limited time from you.


Authentic Stories & Thought Leadership

We find authentic stories that resonate with the heart and insights that educate your industry.

Always looking for new content ideas, partnerships or opportunities for you.

Specialists & Experience

You get the benefit of all our experience, mistakes on Linkedin. You get access to all our tools and resources without the cost of researching, testing, subscribing, training your staff.


Results & Data Driven

We dig into your CRM, Linkedin, emails to see what's really going on.

We iterate on our content based on our results to improve virality.

Economies of Scale

You get access to the best videographers, copywriters, strategists by working with an agency.


Your Partner in Business

We're your partner in business. Always looking for new content ideas, partnerships or opportunities for you.

How We Work

Our Process

Identify Target Audience

We start by helping you get clear on your target customers and finding them on Linkedin.

We generate a list and clean, review the data before providing it to your CRM.

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CEO Interviews

We research your company, industry and hold workshops to understand the audience & CEO's unique messages. We interview you as the base for your content.

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Optimise Linkedin Profile

We optimise your Linkedin for credibility, connections, messages.

Profiles with images get 20x more views and 36x more messages.
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Develop a Unique Marketing Strategy

We generate content from your interview and also pitch content ideas relevant to your target audience that we think will obtain results.

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Create Highly Strategic Content

Our creative team writes the copy, designs the marketing collateral & publishes the content once you approve the ideas.

We then publish the content.

My 2022 year plan! (v2)
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Distribute Content & Optimise for Views & Opens

Automate and engage your connections

We connect and engage with your audience to build relationships.

Growth hack your content

We work to boost engagement and are often running experiments. You get the benefit from us working with many companies.

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Report on Performance

We provide reports on engagement, views, connections, conversations.

Along with actionable recommendations for new content ideas and next steps for your connections.

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ClearR landed a Salesforce partnership with our ebook

Downloaded over 10,000 times

Salesforce vs Hubspot

Madalena landed 900 brand engagements, $25,000+ in sales from 1 post

Including inbound leads from companies like Foxtel, Mercedes Benz, Zurich Insurance and many more.


Chris got 200,000+views, 900 connections & conversations from 1 post


Julian gets 2 enquiries a week from our emails. Each worth $50,000

Julian Muldoon
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Our Customers

Who we work with

Innovative companies with a differentiated product/service or inspirational founder. With a long term view to their marketing and companies.


What our customers say

Mel & her team are next level when it comes to content, strategy and personal brand. Everything she does is strategic, it’s not like a normal marketing agency. Mel and her team go deep into our audience, pull our stories and content that goes viral. They work with you flexibly and adjust incredibly fast. If you want to build a brand, need strategic content, want guaranteed visibility and your market is here on LinkedIn, go with Mel & Team at Are You B2B - they won’t disappoint.

Working with Areyoub2b & Mellonie has generated more brand visibility than we ever expected. I have now 800+ connections, almost tripled the size when we started. Mellonie's team helped us author compelling posts that achieved 8k+ view rates. Most importantly, when we go out to talk to prospects, we feel more confident as we are now backed by a growing conceptualization that Meaningware is specialized in AI technologies in NLP, privacy detection and machine-assisted comprehension of contents. Thanks team, and look forward to continuing the work."

Their insights and strategy combined with the team diligence and creative execution have meant we can reach a wider audience and find more in profile clients with minimal effort. The marketing landscape keeps evolving and we have no chance of keeping up without their help”

Baba Testimonial
Madalena Testimonial

Lessons from generating 240,000+ views with 1 post


Get our free ebook on how to create a kickass Linkedin profile

Get our free ebook on how you can level up your Linkedin profile


Need clarification?

Who is AreYouB2B?

We're a Sydney based team of creatives, marketers, growth hackers, strategists passionate about growing disruptive companies.

Focused on the Australian market and the California tech scene.

How much time investment is required from the CEO?

4 hours in the first month for strategy sessions, photo shoot, video interview, approving initial content ideas.

1 -2 hours every month afterwards. For regular interviews, approving post ideas, commenting on posts, responding to messages.

The more engaged you are in creating content or engaging with comments, messages, tagging colleagues - the greater your results and relationship capital built over time.

There is no shortcut to building community or creating content. Consistency is key.

We're here to help you lay the foundations.

Do you come up with the marketing strategy?

Yes. We work with your team to come up with the marketing strategy. Our team research ideas before your interview, looks at what has worked for you in the past and competitors, to create a captivating strategy.

Do we have to shoot the content ourselves?

No - we do this with you. Our team of world class photographers and videographers come to you to capture you in your element or we will do a conversational style interview with you online, and mine the content for gold nuggets (social posts & emails).

Do you post the content for me?

Yes we do!

We work with you to determine a posting schedule and use tools and analytics to determine when to post, who to tag and ways to increase engagement.

Can I change my plan later?

We ask for 4 weeks notice for plan changes.

What is the minimum term of your engagement?

4 months minimum with the 1st month being strategy.

Content creation, building a brand takes time, patience and an eye on the long game.

Many of your favourite creeators and entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk were creating for years before they took off.