Weaponize LinkedIn.

We help companies create a custom LinkedIn strategy which is tailored to their organisations goals and budget. 

Through highly strategic organic content and memorable LinkedIn ads.

Empower your C-suite today.


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Our 5 Step Framework For Weaponising LinkedIn :


We'll devise custom Linked strategies for each organisation, based on goals and budget

We understand your business, goals and audience. Then design custom connection and content strategies.

We create powerful content which captures attention and builds trust with your audience

Leading to a more educated audience, better relationships, faster sales pipeline.

All Done For You. To save time

We understand how busy you are with product, hiring, sales, finance.. Let us take care of your marketing.

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The Best Creatives On Your Side

Build Trust at Scale with Our Content

We work with you from concept to finished creative. We have dedicated strategists, copywriters, photographers, videographers, editors, illustrators.

To create assets like videos, carousels, infographics, eBooks and any LinkedIn post format.

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Our photography 📷

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An Ebook we created led to a Salesforce partnership 👇

Salesforce vs Hubspot

Madalena landed 900 brand engagements, $25,000+ in sales from 1 post

Including inbound leads from companies like Foxtel, Mercedes Benz, Zurich Insurance and many more.


Mel & her team are next level when it comes to content, strategy and personal brand. Go with Mel & Team at Are You B2B - they won’t disappoint.


Julian landed strategic partnerships worth millions of dollars as a result of our content.

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Their insights and strategy combined with the team diligence and creative execution have meant we can reach a wider audience and find more in profile clients with minimal effort. The marketing landscape keeps evolving and we have no chance of keeping up without their help”

Video Testimonials

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Meet your Marketing Goals

Our Services

  • CEO Influencer

  • LinkedIn Company Organic

  • LinkedIn Paid Ads

  • Emails, CRM and more

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Leverage your CEO profile to drive growth

We drive connections, conversations and position you & your executive team as thought leaders in your industry.

A team of marketers and creatives work by your side on strategy, content creation & distribution. 

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Organic Company content that builds your brand

We create strategic content and assets to educate your industry.

Share your culture, team, product through social posts.

Repurpose the content through your ads.

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Build a LinkedIn Ad engine to drive consistent sales

We set up LinkedIn ads to educate your buyers and drive traffic to your website.

We work with you to produce assets, repurpose content, come up with strategy. Then execute and optimise campaigns for conversions.

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Leverage Email and optimise your CRM

We help you write and send regular emails to your network and make the most of your CRM for marketing and sales.

We are a Hubspot partner.

Case Study

How Faethm Created Brand Awareness FAST using Linkedin.

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Need clarification?

Who is Are You B2B?

We're a Sydney based team of strategists, creatives, marketers passionate about growing innovative SAAS companies.

Focused on the Australian market and the California tech scene.

Do you come up with the marketing strategy?

Yes.We hold multiple workshops with key decision makers within your organisation to understand your target audience, product differentiation, business goals in order to formulate a bespoke digital strategy.

Can you help with creative content creation?

Absolutely! We bring you compelling creative ideas. Our team encompasses of graphic designers, copywriters, photographers and videographers who are brilliant in content creation. 

Can you distribute the content for us?

Yes we can, if that’s something you require us to handle. 

We can also play a advisory role and give you direction on when to posting, hashtag strategy and a tagging strategy to increase engagement.

How do you measure ROI?

We set up reporting within your CRM system to measure  content performance, leads, MQLs, SQLs & hold monthly strategy session to review & analyse performance of campaigns. 

What is the minimum term of your engagement?

12 months minimum.

Content creation, building a brand takes time, patience and an eye on the long game.

Many of your favourite creeators and entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk were creating for years before they took off.

Your Agency For Weaponizing Linkedin 

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