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ARE YOU RECOGNISED as a leading authority in your industry?

As a successful CEO, you understand your role as the human face of the business you lead.

You know that consistent, high-impact thought leadership is the fastest route credibility and authority - for both you AND your business.

And that's where WE come in:

We do the hard work for you - helping you deploy powerful, thought-provoking content which totally captivates your market.

Want to accelerate your company's growth?

Want to accelerate your sales, talent and fundraising pipelines?

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These are Some of the Brands we've Boosted through  CEO Thought Leadership 👇 

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Our Content-Driven Growth Method:

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We'll help you precisely identify and segment your ideal audience.

You'll uncover content strategies which resonate powerfully with that core audience.

With our help, you'll publish high-impact pieces with consistent cadence - building visibility and trust with your market.

Connection Strategy Campaign


Our custom LinkedIn connection building strategy will accelerate your professional networking.

By growing your audience DAILY, your messaging becomes more powerful - literally by the day.

We optimize this process monthly for the highest possible network growth. 



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Every aspect of copy, design and distribution is optimised to move the needle with your ideal audience.

Our team has the experience to turn your thoughts and ideas into WINNING Linkedin content.

Home page image reporting


Every month, you'll receive key insights, to guide and refine your connection strategy even further.

We'll optimise and recalibrate ALL of the elements offered

Ensuring YOUR campaigns are on the right track to achieve YOUR goals.



Want Growth? Need Inspiration?

Check out our Innovative Minds Podcast - featuring iconic CEOs, CMOs and business thinkers from around the world - discussing all things business and marketing. Previous guests include: Chris Walker, Paul O'Brien, Andy Mowat, Belinda Agnew. 



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Cut-through Content that WORKS👇🏻

Original content engages your target audience, positions you as a thought leader and delivers your business goals much faster.

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This Ebook we created led to a Salesforce partnership

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And here's what Our Clients Think of Our Service

Havard Lillebo Watbots

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO - Håvard Lillebo

I love working with the team. By building my personal brand the effect has been better content, more creativity, more impact and many high quality new connections.

Before, I was creating my own but by working with a team I have been able to go to the next level.

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CEO, Remote Staff - Chris Jankulovski

Compared to any other Linkedin supplier we have ever worked with, you’re the best by far. I 💚 working with you.

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Head Of Product Marketing · SKAEL - Tara Benyousky

A really great experience working with Mel and the AreYouB2B team.

It really does become a true partnership as opposed to vendor relationship.

Julian Muldoon

Director, 1Group Property Advisory - Julian Muldoon

The marketing landscape keeps evolving and we had no chance of keeping up without Are You B2B's help.

Are You B2B team are next level when it comes to content, strategy and personal brand. Go with Are You B2B - you won’t disappoint.

Working with Areyoub2b has generated more brand visibility than we ever expected. Mellonie's team helped us author compelling posts that achieved 8k+ view rates. Most importantly, when we go out to talk to prospects, we feel more confident.

I can highly recommend Are You B2B. As a client of theirs, I was highly impressed with their professionalism, expertise and creativity.

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Got Questions? 

Who is Are You B2B?

We're a Sydney based team of strategists, creatives, and marketers passionate about growing innovative companies. We're focused on the Australian market and the California tech scene. Why? Because these are two of the most exciting places in the world for startups. We're constantly looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients grow their businesses, and we're always on the forefront of the latest marketing trends. 

Do you come up with the marketing strategy?

Yes. We begin by conducting workshops with key decision makers within your organisation. This helps us to gain a deep understanding of who your target audience is, what makes your product or service unique - and what you hope to achieve with your digital marketing efforts. Armed with this knowledge, we can then develop a tailor-made digital strategy that is designed specifically for your business.

Can you help with creative content creation?

Absolutely! Ideas are worthless unless executed upon. The most dangerous thing is having an idea and not taking action. That's where we come in. We live and breathe creativity: Strategy, graphic design, copywriting, photography, and videography. We are experts in content creation and have a track record of producing ideas that get results. So once we find an idea that you're passionate about, we help you turn your vision into reality - every step of the way.

Can you distribute the content for us?

Yes we can.

We can help you develop a social media strategy that works for your business. We'll advise you on when to post, what kind of content to share, how to leverage hashtags and CTAs, and more. By following our advice, you can maximize your chances of success on social media. 

How do you measure ROI?

We take a data-driven approach to content marketing - ALWAYS! We set up reporting within your CRM to measure content performance, leads, MQLs, SQLs. We hold regular feedback and strategy sessions, to review and analyse performance of campaigns. This ensures that we are continually fine-tuning our approach to get the best possible results for our clients. As Hubspot partners, we have access to the latest tools and insights to help us deliver on our promise of successful content marketing. 

What is the minimum term of your engagement?

12 months minimum. Why so long?

Creating a personal brand and generating demand for your products or services takes time, patience, and an eye on the long game.

Many of your favourite creators and entrepreneurs, like Gary Vaynerchuk, were creating for years before they took off.

The mistake most companies make is quitting early with personal branding and demand generation activities.

A personal brand is built over time, through consistent content creation and engagement with your audience.

Similarly, it takes time to generate demand for your products or services. If you're not seeing results immediately, don't give up – keep at it, and you'll eventually see the fruits of your labour.

Remember: Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a successful personal brand or business.

Are you ready for the next level of success? 

Show Me What's Possible!