We Create Demand for Innovative CEOs & Companies

We partner with companies who want to build demand using creative content marketing strategies.

Generic Roadmap of content

Marketing Strategies 

Here are some of the marketing strategies we endorse and bring into companies. 

Strategy 1

Weaponise Linkedin 

Linkedin can be a weapon for B2B companies, if used strategically. There are many ways to win on linkedin. From posting highly strategic content on company account, employee accounts, to setting up highly effective Linkedin ads plus building a top of funnel direct outreach campaign. We can help you weaponise linkedin and create a custom strategy which will work for your business.

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Strategy 2

CEO Positioning

A CEO voice is one of the most unique voices in your business. Think about it, they sit across multiple domains, HR, Sales, Customers & Operations. They usually have a very strong vision, mind & thoughts which if curated properly, would increase the Company’s brand value.  

For inspiring CEO's we've achieved 10 million views in 6 months. With 0 ad spend. 

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Strategy 3

Video Marketing 

Short form video, distributed on LinkedIn, You Tube & Tick Tok & IG is a must for building a strong brand in the market and establishing a connection with your prospects quickly. If you are not thinking about video as part of your marketing mix, you are missing a HUGE opportunity.

Once we get involved, we will work with you to set up a system to shoot video online and professionally to curate short form video content consistently. 

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What our clients say

Their insights and strategy combined with the team diligence and creative execution have meant we can reach a wider audience and find more in profile clients with minimal effort. The marketing landscape keeps evolving and we have no chance of keeping up without their help”

Mel & her team are next level when it comes to content, strategy and personal brand. Everything she does is strategic, it’s not like a normal marketing agency. Mel and her team go deep into our audience, pull our stories and content that goes viral. They work with you flexibly and adjust incredibly fast. If you want to build a brand, need strategic content, want guaranteed visibility and your market is here on LinkedIn, go with Mel & Team at Are You B2B - they won’t disappoint.

Working with Areyoub2b & Mellonie has generated more brand visibility than we ever expected. I have now 800+ connections, almost tripled the size when we started. Mellonie's team helped us author compelling posts that achieved 8k+ view rates. Most importantly, when we go out to talk to prospects, we feel more confident as we are now backed by a growing conceptualization that Meaningware is specialized in AI technologies in NLP, privacy detection and machine-assisted comprehension of contents. Thanks team, and look forward to continuing the work."

Video Testimonials

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Need clarification?

Who is Are You B2B?

We're a Sydney based team of strategists, creatives, marketers passionate about growing innovative SAAS companies.

Focused on the Australian market and the California tech scene.

Do you come up with the marketing strategy?

Yes.We hold multiple workshops with key decision makers within your organisation to understand your target audience, product differentiation, business goals in order to formulate a bespoke digital strategy.

Can you help with creative content creation?

Absolutely! We bring you compelling creative ideas. Our team encompasses of graphic designers, copywriters, photographers and videographers who are brilliant in content creation. 

Can you distribute the content for us?

Yes we can, if that’s something you require us to handle. 

We can also play a advisory role and give you direction on when to posting, hashtag strategy and a tagging strategy to increase engagement.

How do you measure ROI?

We set up reporting within your CRM system to measure  content performance, leads, MQLs, SQLs & hold monthly strategy session to review & analyse performance of campaigns. 

What is the minimum term of your engagement?

12 months minimum.

Content creation, building a brand takes time, patience and an eye on the long game.

Many of your favourite creeators and entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk were creating for years before they took off.